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Welcome to Web Deep Dive™. This program was created by Marketnet Associates LLC and to deliver qualified companies to you at 50-cents per company – companies that have been consuming content on the website on specific categories, or topics. Explore "How it Works" to find out more, and then begin your Web Deep Dive by selecting your Category, Subcategory, or simply entering a Search Term. See you down below!

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Web Deep Dive is a sophisticated database that tracks companies as they search for content on the website. As someone within a company searches the internet for information and lands on the website, our proprietary code tracks their journey. We "watch" as they go on their information quest.
We deliver the company* based on "what" that company consumed in terms of content. That's a real opportunity, isn't it? We deliver the names of companies who have consumed specific pieces of content based on categories on the website. Now, for the first time, you can "see" these companies and turn them into sales.

* Minimum $10.00 purchase (20 company names).

This program is being administrated by MarketNet Associates, LLC.       MarketNet

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How It Works

The key to a successful investment with us is knowing what the searcher may be searching for. But that's easy, because it is more than likely connected to your product or product category.

For example, the content falls within 19 main Categories.

So, someone looking for a solution to a problem, say, security, will search content related to that category (SECURITY). Likewise, someone having problems with their chiller might search within the HVAC content of the website.

But these major categories may be too broad for your purposes; you may want to narrow your search. There are pros and cons to doing this, and your Web Deep Dive account executive can explain further. However, for this example, let's say you want to narrow a broad category search. This is why categories have also been classified into subcategories when possible.

Thus, you can select a category and then a subcategory to narrow your search. Additionally, we added a search option if you want to really get focused. These methods pull information from content on the website.

Results are refreshed each month. Therefore, each month results will vary. In other words, there is no way to predict with accuracy how many people will be searching the website for specific content of interest to you. Furthermore, a company may have a national presence and be consuming similar content from different locations in different states. We count each of these visits as a separate company when their location is different. In other words, your list might have the same company listed more than one time.

If you would like more information or a further explanation of our logic, your Web Deep Dive account executive can explain.

There are many ways to think about the possibilities of this powerful new way of uncovering companies interested in what you are selling, and we're here to help you! Try it out for a few months!

Categories and Subcategories

Building Automation
      • Building Automation Products

   • IT and Computer Solutions
   • Signage
   • Telecommunications

Doors & Hardware
   • Doors & Hardware Products

Energy Management
   • Backup/UPS
   • Green/Sustainability
   • Monitoring/Metering
   • Power/Electrical
   • Solar and Alternative Energy

Envelope and Structural
   • Curtainwall & Cladding
   • Daylighting
   • Exterior Walls
   • Glass/Glazing/Skylights
   • Insulation
   • Metal Building Components
   • Modular Buildings
   • Windows

Fire/Life Safety
   • Fire/Life Safety Products

   • Carpet
   • Installation
   • Resilient
   • Tile/Stone

   • Furniture Products

   • Irrigation
   • Landscaping
   • Parking

   • Heating/Air Conditioning
   • HVAC Controls
   • IAQ
   • Ventilation
   • Accents
   • Acoustics
   • Ceilings
   • Furnishings
   • Paints and Coatings
   • Wallcoverings
   • Walls and Partitions

   • Janitorial Solutions
   • Pest Control

   • Fixtures and Luminaires
   • Lamps and Bulbs
   • LED Lighting
   • Lighting Controls
   • Outdoor Lighting

Plumbing & Washrooms
   • Fixtures and Hardware
   • Piping
   • Water Heating

   • Accessories and Coatings
   • Insulation
   • Roofing Systems
   • Solar-Integrated Roofing

   • Access Control
   • Mass Notification
   • Surveillance

Tools, Services & Software
   • Tools, Services & Software Products

Vertical Transportation
   • Elevators
   • Escalators

Facility Management
   • Buildings
   • Codes/Standards
   • Company/News
   • Maintenance/Performance
   • Real Estate
   • Trends

Let's say you sell lighting fixtures for outdoor applications. You would first select "LIGHTING" from categories, then "Outdoor Lighting" would be a subcategory you would be interested in. Each choice displays the number of companies available to you that have consumed content on that topic for the month.

If you go through the category search, ask yourself what category your product/service fits in? Is it for GROUNDS? SECURITY? LIGHTING? Pick the category and see if your subcategory (Outdoor Lighting) falls within the category. You'll note the "Outdoor Lighting" subcategory falls under the "LIGHTING" category. If, by chance, you get no results, typing key words into the search box may get you the results you are seeking. Keep in mind, using key words to define your product or service may result in fewer things.

Below is an abbreviated listing of companies having interest in the
LIGHTING category:


Getting Started Is Easy

Option 1

Make selection from Category drop down list.
Purchase results by clicking Buy.
You can refine your search by selecting a Subcategory from the drop down list.
Purchase results by clicking Buy.
Complete the purchase requirements and your results will be emailed to you in an Excel document.

Option 2

You can use words to define your search by using the Search box. The number of companies visiting content having your specific search words will show as the result. If zero results are displayed, lessen the number of search words used.
Purchase results by clicking Buy.
Complete the purchase requirements and your results will be emailed to you in an Excel document.

Web Deep Dive FAQs

How recently did the company names I'm getting view the pages for information?
Our result are tabulated monthly. Please refer to the "Results Date Range" on the "Home" Page for the Current Date Range for the Company Names from the Buildings website.

Can I only pay for the companies within my geographical area?
No. Information is generated by category/subcategory only for the U.S. and Canada. Please contact a MarketNet Representative for other options.

Can my research be further refined?
Yes, contact MarketNet Representative for possible options.

How do I know if companies have been viewing services or products?
You can specify that in the search by using terms like repair or installation. Contact MarketNet Representative for possible options.

Can you also provide street addresses and names?
No. Company name, city and state are provided. However, the publisher of also publishes the Buildings Magazine. Names of Subscribers from the Companies searching the website maybe available. Contact MarketNet Representative for possible options.

Is there a minimum purchase?
Yes. $10.00 (20 company names).

Are there purchasing options?
Yes, contact MarketNet Representative for possible options.

Can I see the companies before I make the purchase?
No. Data is provided upon purchase.

Are foreign countries included in the results?
Only Canada is included with the U.S. All other countries are omitted from the results.

What if I want foreign companies too?
Contact MarketNet Representative for possible options.

What makes this so great?
It's "Real Time" search. Companies are trying to solve a problem now.

Contact Web Deep Dive

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